How does FlexPay work?

We use AI-driven machine learning to help e-commerce and subscription companies reduce their involuntary churn. Our software acts as middleware to enhance the functionality of CRMs and payment gateways. FlexPay’s statistical algorithm collects and analyzes new information gained at every transaction. Consequently, it’s able to predict the risk of every transaction so more of your transactions are approved and make decisions that will give your declined transactions the best chance of being recovered. Plus, our system uses Machine Learning to lower transaction fees and reduce chargebacks. If you’d like to learn more, get in touch with us here.


How long does it take to set-up?

Setting up FlexPay involves the same process you would use with any gateway set-up in your software. It’s been our experience that most of our clients can configure their system in a couple of hours. Rest assured, our Relationship Management team will be there with you every step of the way, helping with both your existing software and the simple configurations in the FlexPay portal. We are committed to making the process as straightforward as possible, so please lean on the experience and knowledge of our staff.


How do I integrate?

If you’re using one of our supported CRMs, set-up can take as little as one day! It’s just a matter of configuring a bank route in your CRM.
If you’re using 3rd party software that we don’t currently support, we will dedicate our support engineering team to your integration! With a little help from you, we’ll work directly with your vendor to get through the process as quickly and efficiently as possible. This might take a little longer depending on your vendor’s development schedule — FlexPay is committed to always having the available resources to ensure we are never the ones holding up an integration.
If you have your own custom CRM, then integrating with FlexPay is just like integrating with any other gateway. We emulate NMI (a prominent payment gateway) so the process should be very familiar to your developer. The actual work can likely be accomplished in a day or two, but when taking testing into account, you should plan for two weeks from start to finish.
If we do not currently support one of your gateways, we can help you integrate it.
FlexPay will have minimal visible impact on your current infrastructure. FlexPay lives between your CRM and your current payment gateways.


What is the average FlexPay customer size?

We currently have customers with monthly transactions that range between thousands of dollars and several hundreds of thousands of dollars. FlexPay can generate lift for your business no matter what your size is, and because of our automated process, the platform can handle up to hundreds of millions of transactions per month.


How does FlexPay handle funds?

Since FlexPay is a payment gateway, your money is going where it has always gone: to your merchant account, which in turn deposits it into your bank account. As part of our optimization process, we may also help you to open additional merchant accounts. These accounts will operate the same as the one you already have, except that we’ll be able to use them as another tool in our toolbox to increase your transaction approvals. Like any other gateway, FlexPay never actually holds your money.


What will my customer see on their statements?

FlexPay doesn’t require any change to your business infrastructure. As such, your customers’ transactions and statements will remain exactly the same.