Recover 80% more payments with an AI-driven solution

Recovering recurring and subscription transactions is complex. You need a solution that maximizes revenue without impacting your customer's experience.

Keep Your Customers

Declined payments are impacting the people who want your services. It's time to say goodbye to involuntary churn without disrupting your customers.

Increase Lifetime Value

Improve future transactions by saving your customer's first failed payment. A recovered transaction allows you to continue the relationship throughout their entire lifecycle.

Double Your Recovery

Your recovery rate matters. A higher recovery rate means more revenue in your pocket and less customer churn. You need a solution with the highest recovery rate.

Unparalleled ROI

No other solution you implement will have a greater and more immediate impact on your MRR and growth.

Automatically recover failed payments and credit card declines

Our recovery engine uses AI and machine-learning models to recover your failed payments.

We’ve analyzed over 4 billion transactions worth more than $218 billion, representing 300,897,872,470 data points. Each transaction is retried using the optimal strategy, resulting in higher approvals.

No need to change your gateway or CRM, our solution is agnostic.

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Companies use FlexPay to reduce churn and win-back customers

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Industry leading integrations

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