Trister Marketing Group Improves Credit Card Decline Salvage by 63.2%

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The Trister Marketing Group (TMG) offers a subscription-based product in the survival preparation space, offering paying members access to a curated online community, helpful videos, and related information products. Their product sells for $39.95/month.

Before reaching out to FlexPay, of TMG’s ~700 average monthly credit card declines, an impressive 27.8% were being recovered. Their CRM-based solution automatically retried declines up to 5 times, on a predetermined schedule. Despite this above-average performance, due to the high cost of new client acquisition, recouping only 27.8% of previously rejected transactions was placing a frustrating strain on profitability. “Money down the drain,” CEO Anthony Trister mused.

What surprises me the most if that my day-to-day hasn’t changed, we just make more money.

Anthony Trister, CEO, Trister Marketing Group

Increased Recovery Rate Translates to Spike in Customer Lifetime Value and Healthier Merchant Accounts

FlexPay was added to TMG’s existing Konnektive platform, allowing immediate handling of all rejected transactions through FlexPay’s AI-driven decline salvage engine. Despite TMG’s small technical team, FlexPay executed the client onboarding within 24 hours. “It just made sense,” reflected CEO Anthony Trister. “We basically did nothing on our end besides sign the contract, and then we just sat back and watched as both monthly revenue and bottom-line profit increased immediately.”

Following the FlexPay integration, TMG’s salvage rate has now risen from 27.8% to 43.97%, representing a staggering 63.2% improvement in just a few months. Successful retries have simultaneously fallen from 5 down to 3.6, maintaining healthier MIDs, and since 80% of TMG’s declines happen during the initial rebill, FlexPay’s dramatic performance also translates to a spike in LTV. “What surprises me the most,” explains Trister, “is that my day-to-day hasn’t changed, we just make more money!”

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