SOS Self Defense Tools improves credit card decline salvage for their subscription product by 99.7% with critical FlexPay-Limelight integration


SOS Self Defense Tools (SOS) is a 6-year-old company that generates 60% of their revenue from a subscription-based product in the self-defense space. Membership gives access to a unique online community, expert insights, and detailed training videos. Their subscription product sells for $57/month.


Before reaching out to FlexPay, SOS was recovering 20.0% of all credit card declines, reattempting them using Limelight’s built-in decline-recovery solution. “As a subscription business,” mused COO Justin Scheeff, “LTV [lifetime value] is our most important metric, because COA [cost of acquisition] never goes down. Anything we can do to raise LTV by improving customer experience, or even operationally, is very important to us.” False declines were unnecessarily eroding precious LTV, and Scheeff knew it.


FlexPay was enabled on SOS’s Limelight platform, allowing immediate handling of all rejected transactions through FlexPay’s AI-driven decline salvage engine. “It was a painless process integrating FlexPay with our gateway” reflected Scheeff. “We basically did nothing on our end besides sign the contract, and then we just sat back and watched as both monthly revenue and bottom line profit increased immediately.”

We basically did nothing on our end…and then we just sat back and watched as monthly revenue and bottom line profit increased immediately.


Following the FlexPay integration, SOS’s salvage rate rose from 20.0% to 39.9%, representing a 99.7% performance improvement. Since 60% of SOS’s revenue is generated by subscription income, this boost represents a spike in LTV as well. “I absolutely recommend FlexPay to anyone,” Scheeff enthusiastically shares. “We appreciate the partnership and plan to continue it.”


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