• FlexPay hits record months, 3 months in a row!

    Thanks in part to an incredibly smooth company-wide transition to working from home, and largely due to merchants’ burgeoning demand, FlexPay has recorded our largest every months of recovery for 3 months in a row: April, May, and June (already)!

    This fantastic news is bolstered by the news of 2 marquee clients signing up to FlexPay this month (to be announced at a later date).

    It’s certainly been a banner year of growth at FlexPay, and we’re earnestly looking forward to more we can do in the second half of the year.

  • FlexPay’s smooth transition to working remotely

    Here at FlexPay, we’ve fortuitously been prepared for these changed times. We’re always been an agile team, but the setup we had in place before the pandemic made the transition quite simple for us here.

    We already had a robust work-from-home policy in place for people, or teams, to work from home without disrupting what needed to be done.

    Also, every FlexPay staff member gets issued a laptop upon starting, which everyone can continue working without issue, and already has a camera and microphone.

    One of our team sessions – looking pretty good everyone!

    This is not to diminish the worldwide crisis going on currently, but having a smooth transition for work means that we don’t need to add work worries about desktop setups.

    Stay healthy all.

  • Traffic & Conversion 2020!

    *UPDATE* Sadly we won’t be going after all, as it looks like it’ll be cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. We’ll be taking our booked meeting slots virtually, and sending details out shortly.

    Another great show coming up – T&C 2020 in San Diego. We’ll be happy to leave the Montreal snow behind and meet you there, March 31 – April 2.

  • Pushing the Boundaries of AI

    Excerpt from forbes.com article: 5 Industries That Are Pushing the Boundaries of AI

    “Artificial intelligence is forcing industries to evolve at an incredible rate. By helping companies save time and money, AI is already revolutionizing productivity and customer service around the world.

    A Microsoft survey of more than 400 senior executives across eight global markets found that executives expect AI to benefit their businesses to positively impact growth, productivity, innovation, and job creation. A stunning 94% of them see AI as an important tool for solving strategic challenges.

    Finance pros who work behind the scenes have embraced AI as well. Payment gateway FlexPay uses AI to predict and prevent credit card declines. By adapting several characteristics of a merchant’s transactions to better meet the risk standards of financial institutions, it lowers their risk score and significantly increases the ratio of approved payments. As AI matures, expect to see rules-based systems phased out for everything from fraud detection to equity management.”

  • FlexPay Raises $6M from Impression Ventures and BMO Capital Partners

    FlexPay—which uses AI and machine-learning to help merchants recover lost revenues from declined transactions—is proud to announce they raised $6 million dollars, led by Impression Ventures, with participation from BMO Capital Partners, Anges Québec and strategic partners.

    Credit card issuers report that 24% of recurring credit card transactions are falsely declined, costing online and telephone merchants $300 billion in lost sales and customers in the US alone. A false decline is a transaction that should have been approved, but wasn’t, for reasons out of the customers and merchants control. As the economy continues to shift to online and subscription-based revenue, this problem for customers and merchants is only getting bigger.

    Using AI and machine-learning, FlexPay analyzes billions of transaction records to reverse-engineer exactly why risk-mitigation systems are falsely declining transactions. FlexPay then uses this real-time data to optimize credit card recovery and get valid transactions approved.

    “Before learning about FlexPay, we didn’t know decline-salvage firms existed, to be honest. When we learned FlexPay’s fees are only charged on additional recovered customers, it was an easy decision for us at Masivo,” explains President Noam Egosi of Masivo Media. Following FlexPay’s integration, Masivo’s salvage rate rose from 10.0% to a staggering 42.4% average since March 2019, representing a 324% performance improvement. As a subscription business, this notable spike in recovery has also produced a 12% jump in precious LTV (Lifetime Value), and increased Masivo’s bottom-line profitability by 50%. “I tell everybody that will listen to us, to use FlexPay,” Egosi enthusiastically beams. “We’re big fans.”

    “2019 was a year of significant in-roads,” reflects Darryl Hicks, CEO of FlexPay. “We surpassed the 2 million declines-processed mark and multiplied our integration points 8-fold, giving us access to a pool of 4 billion dollars in annual declines, 40,000 merchants and 80 million end-customers. The next logical step was to invite venture partners to join us and add their capital and expertise to accelerate us to help billions of end-customers get their transactions approved.”

    Impression Ventures, based in Toronto and Montreal, led the round, marking their first investment in Montreal. “We believe FlexPay to be the best-in-class solution in a massively underserved market,” reflects Maor Amar, Managing Partner, “The company’s AI powered systems provide a solution to the large and rapidly growing problem of false credit card declines. FlexPay’s management team has an impressive entrepreneurial track record, in depth knowledge of this market and the passion and energy required to succeed. We are thrilled to join them on this journey.”

    BMO Capital Partners added: “we are happy to support a talented team, committed to solving a real problem in the e-commerce space with state-of-the-art technology.”

    “We thank our advisors, investors and board members for their ongoing help with FlexPay’s vision and traction,” adds CFO Laurent Binda. “Securing this specialized group of institutional investors gives us the capital, experience and network we need to accelerate our progress in solving falsely declined credit card transactions.”

    About FlexPay
    FlexPay delivers the world’s highest AI-driven decline salvage rates for eCommerce subscription-based merchants, by pairing powerful technology with proprietary data. Learn more at flexpay.io.

    About Impression Ventures
    Impression Ventures is a VC firm focused on investing and leading deals in firms disrupting financial services (Fintech), raising late seed to early Series A round. Impression was founded in 2013 by entrepreneur Christian Lassonde and is co-managed by managing partner Maor Amar. Impression invests across the Fintech landscape including wealth management, lending, payments, and insurance. Impression has offices in Toronto and Montreal. Learn more at impression.ventures.

    About BMO Capital Partners
    BMO Capital Partners is a leading provider of junior capital, including subordinated debt and equity capital to mid-market companies across Canada. Learn more at bmo.com.

    About Anges Québec
    Anges Québec is a network of 250+ angel investors who invest time and capital in innovative Quebec companies with high growth potential. The members of the Anges Québec network have, to date, invested more than $95 million in the Québec economy, with more than 250 investments in more than 115 innovative companies. Learn more at angesquebec.com.