We fix the of eCommerce credit card declines.

FlexPay, another bright idea from Tungsten.

We help eCommerce merchants reduce churn from credit card payments.

Flexpay helps you minimize false declines from good customers.

Salvaging the 18% Blackhole

Consumer credit cards processed in a card not present (CNP) environment decline anywhere from 10-45%, with the average being 22%. The same accounts in a card present (CP) environment typically decline 2-9%, with the average being 4%. This 18% gap creates needless churn for eCommerce merchants, and dramatically impacts customer lifetime value, particularly for continuity sales. Add to this increased chargebacks, lower approval rates, and higher processing costs—inherent to CNP transactions—and it’s easy to see how Flexpay can add significantly to your bottom line by salvaging this 18% blackhole.


How is Flexpay unique?

These three factors give Flexpay its superpowers.

Flexpay is based on the real-world experience we've gained from processing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of ONLINE transactions across four continents.

The FlexPay Enhanced Gateway is powered by our depth of experience in merchant processing and accumulated knowledge from these long term relationships. On a transaction by transaction basis, we make the best decision on routing and timing to tip the scales and improve approval ratios. Often, there is very little difference between an approval and denial.

Making the right move at the point of execution not only saves the current transaction, but retains subsequent transactions and increases approval ratios for all other customers.

Importantly, a history of declines for a merchant account generates a negative risk score. Maintaining a healthy approval ratio improves a merchant’s risk score generating a virtuous circle for future transactions.

Flexpay logic is based on real-world insights from our card-issuing and card-acquiring banking partners.

FlexPay leverages our deep and long history with both acquiring and card issuing banks to understand the systems that control the transaction approval processes within issuers for CNP transactions, known as a “risk decline system.”

Varying from issuer to issuer, this RDS generates a value based on the merchant’s MCC code, the acquiring BIN, the descriptor, geographical jurisdiction, historical decline rates and, of course, the cardholder’s risk profile. These key insights from our close industry relationships allow us to forge a path to remove false positives, restore revenue for issuers, increase cardholder satisfaction, and recover revenues for merchants.

With Flexpay, everyone wins (even the bank).

Your business makes more money

The banks make more money

Flexpay combines machine-learning with powerful proprietary technology.

FlexPay’s Enhanced Payment Gateway mitigates against CNP decline salvage problems with a proprietary statistics-based, risk-balancing strategy. Flexpay increases approval ratios, lowers transaction fees, reduces chargebacks, and balances risk across banking assets, all while removing a potential single point of failure.

While our competitors offer decline salvage and rudimentary risk balancing, they all use cumbersome rules based systems. As rules are added, these systems become more complicated, unwieldy, and more importantly they are not sufficiently granular, resulting in sub-optimal decisions. FlexPay’s inference engine considers the risk and value of each transaction using over 70 data points to tailor a combination of actions on where, when and how to execute the transaction.

Meet the Team

The heart of every great product is the people behind it.
These are some of the people behind FlexPay and Tungsten.

Darryl Hicks

Co-Founder, CEO
The natural leader who happens to be obsessed with efficiency and optimization. Builder of thirteen successful e-commerce businesses, servicing hundreds of millions of consumers across 4 continents.

Trevor Murphy

Chief Operating Officer
Brought banks to market, launched new retail lines, decades of experience managing technology teams.

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